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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #1

Sen. Claire 'All of the Above' McCaskill (D - Missouri)

"The Senate passed a budget, uh, last August.  In fact we did better.  I've always complained about the way we did these budget resolutions, cause they're phony bologna.  Every year we pass a resolution and it doesn't even have force of law.  And the appropriators want to just completely ignore it.  So last August, for the first time I've been there, we put it into law for two years.  The budget for two years, and actually two years going forward with legal spending caps for two years.  And guess what happened this year?  The appropriators followed it...We not only passed one, for the first time it's in law, signed by the president, and we must follow it, and it is bringing down spending, and it is bringing down the number of federal employees."

Well, that sounds wonderful.  The U.S. government has finally fulfilled one of its basic Constitutional duties:  Creating and living within a budget.

Problem is, Congress hasn't passed a budget since 2009!  And they never control spending - and surely never bring it down.

It's not just the Congress which is failing, though, because Obama has sent joker budget plans to Congress.  The last one was unanimously rejected by both the House and Senate - Every Republican and every Democrat voted against it.

The Republican controlled House has passed multiple budget bills and sent them to the Democrat controlled Senate.  The Senate hasn't bothered to pass their own or the House's budgets in the past three years.

But, Sen. McCaskill is very adamant about this year's budget being passed and Obama signing it into law.

Question(s):  Is she stupid enough to believe there is a budget in place?  Is she such a liar she thinks the American people think there is a budget in place?

AnswerS(s):  Yes, to both!  Clair McCaskill is 'All of the Above'...She is that stupid and she is that big a liar.  This is why she has earned the disgrace of having the 2012 Liberal Jackass Quote of the Year!

But, Sen. McCaskill isn't the only disgrace; so are the people of Missouri who reelecting her...Just as the American people as a whole are a disgrace for reelecting Barack Obama.
Special Note:  Nancy Pelosi's run of five consecutive years in the Top 20 was broken this year...I am quite certain she will try very hard to earn her way back in in 2013.



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