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Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #6

Terry O'Sullivan (Laborers' International Union of North America, President)

"The score is Job-Killers, two; American workers, zero.  We are completely and totally disappointed.  This is politics at its worst...Once again the President has sided with environmentalists instead of blue collar construction workers - even though environmental concerns were more than adequately addressed.  Blue collar construction workers across the U.S. will not forget this."

- Complaining about Obama axing a permit to build and operate the Keystone XL pipeline...Which would have carried over half-a-million barrels of oil per day from Canada to the U.S.

Obama claims he didn't have enough time to make a 'rushed decision' on the matter, a decision 'those mean Republicans' forced him to make in short order...Of course most people would think over 1,000 days of review would be more than enough time, but not our genius president.  So, he killed the project; and the thousands of permanent, well-paying jobs it would have created.

I'm sure his EnvironMENTAList pals are happy.  Not his union pals, though...You'd think they could have seen this coming back in 2007-08, but they chose to trust their inner-commie instead of recognizing Obama would be the most anti-business president in American history.  I guess they weren't smart enough to realize 'anti-business' = 'anti-employment' = 'anti-eating'.

Funny how that works.  These clowns can forget about the Keystone jobs, and return to their next '99% rallys'...If they had a clue they'd start an 'Occupy the White House' movement, but fugetaboutit!

Someone other than the MENTALISTS are happy:  CHINA...Because the Canadians aren't as stupid as we are.  They aren't going to sit on their resources just because Obama doesn't want us to have them.  They are going to send them elsewhere, and make the same amount of money (and create the same amount of Canadian jobs) as they would if they dealt with the U.S.

Guess who else, other than the MENTALISTS and China, is happy:  Venezuela and our Middle Eastern 'friends'...As he has done for three years, Obama has managed to tie us even tighter to the whims of these lunatics.

That said, LIUNA still threw most (almost all) of it's political contributions to the Democrats and Obama in the November election.  Why would they do that?  Because the unions aren't about the workers.  They are about the union bosses; bosses who will personally benefit by helping Obama.  NO MATTER HOW MUCH HE SCREWS THEIR WORKERS...Such is the pathetic reality of American unions.



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