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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #7

Dr. Ashutosh Ron Virmani (Abortion Supporter)

"I am not profiting.  I as a taxpayer do not wish to pay for those babies to be born and brought up, and kill those people in Colorado.  Go ahead and pay for them.  Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.  Yeah, go ahead; adopt those babies.  Okay?  Take them off the taxpayer's money.  Okay?"

"Okay", I'm not an anti-abortion absolutist, but this abortion doctor is way nuts.

He wants to kill more babies to keep them off the "taxpayer's money", and because he thinks he can lessen the murder rate...Lets not forget he wants to kill more babies to get rid of "those ugly black babies."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Physicians who put Dr. Mengele to shame have to find an excuse to soothe their conscience of their murderous ways...This guy does it to save the "taxpayers," cut crime, and to get rid of them damn "ugly black babies."

I'm sure he's "only following orders." - I hope you get the reference.

For kicks lets look at this guy's political habits:
- Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Sept 2010 = $200, June 2012 = $200, July 2008 = $200...This continues going back previous election years.
- Democratic National Committee:  Sept 2010 = $300, Sept 2008 = $200...This continues going back previous election years.

Shocking!  This baby killing, taxpayer saving, anti-murder, "ugly black" baby hating, POS is a Democrat...When the 2012 campaign contribution figures are put out it'll surely show he continued giving this year as well.



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