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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Barack Obama Jackass Quotes of the Year - 6

Note: This list is in chronological order.

Barack Obama (Pander of the Year Nominee)

"The most important lesson I've learned is that you can't change Washington from the inside.  You can only change it from the outside."

- Comment during an interview on Univision (largest Spanish-speaking TV channel in the U.S.)

I thought Obama was the master of 'Hope & Change'?  Could it be he knows everyone's given up on his form of 'Hope', and he's realizing most of America doesn't want any part of his type of 'Change' either?

"Then why is he running for a second term?" - Reince Priebus

Good question, but the answer was simple:  He's a narcissist, and likes the free trips and golf outings...Let's see if he gave a more lucid answer to a different question: 'What is your biggest failure as president?'

"My biggest failure so far is we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration reform done." - B.H. Obama

Dude, pander much?!

What about his failure on the economy?  23 million Americans out of work?  Almost double the cost of gas from when he first took office?  Cutting the deficit?  You mean to tell me not giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is a bigger problem than not fixing these other problems?  REALLY!?!?

I guess we should be lucky he wasn't being interviewed by the Science Channel instead of Univision, because his panderous answer would have been even worse:  'My biggest failure so far is I haven't stopped Global Warming.'

Let's keep the guy away from Al Jazeera, too:  'My biggest failure so far is I haven't replaced the Constitution with Sharia Law.'

The worst, however, would have been if he'd been interviewed by Lifetime or WE tv:  'I thoroughly regret not having de-balled every American male.'

That said, enough of the electorate bought into BO's BS, so we get - and deserve - four more years of his panderous putziness.

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