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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dennis Rodman (Diplomat Extraordinaire)

"Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear Kim Jong Un, happy birthday to you."

- I'm assuming Rodman used the traditional Birthday Song, but maybe he thew in a few "cha, cha, cha, ooh, la, la's"...Kim Jong Un is the North Korean dictator.

"Yes, he is a great leader, he provides for his people here in this country and thank God the people here love the marshal." - D.R.

- Statement Rodman made to a North Korean crowd prior to a recent exhibition basketball game he played in.

Let's dispense with the obvious:  Dennis Rodman is a complete tool, and his comments about Jong Un are disgusting.  Even though what he said to the crowd may be true, because it's likely the crowd was filled with Un's closes advisors and sycophants.

What's important here isn't Rodman making pals with dictators; no one cares about Dennis Rodman.  What's important to remember is Rodman could not get to North Korea - or at least return home - without a U.S. Passport and authorization from the State Department...For some reason our government thinks sending Rodman to North Korea will soften the North Korean tyrant.

I'm sure this will succeed wildly.  Sure it will

Rodman is a fool, but he is a genius compared to the fools who think his foolishness will reap rewards in North Korea...That said, he's probably twice as likely to produce results as V.P. Joe Biden, Ex Sec. State Hillary Clinton and Sec. State John Kerry - combined.


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